Get Set to Have Your World Series Game 7 Ruined by Ads for Trump and Clinton

It's low-budget Donald Trump no longer. Both the Republican presidential nominee and his Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton, are planning to run ads during the final game of the World Series.

Trump, who has been reluctant to spend on paid television advertising throughout the election, will run three ads during tonight's match-up between the Chicago Cubs and Cleveland Indians. Titled "Change," "Choice" and "Corruption," the 30-second spots are intended to be part of the candidate's "closing argument" to voters.

"The vast majority of Americans feel the country is headed in the wrong direction, but that is all about to change. We are excited to take our message directly to the millions of sports fans watching the World Series to let them know that they have a clear choice in this Election, and Mr. Trump is the one who will fight for them. He is the leader who will Make America Great Again," said Trump communications adviser Jason Miller in a statement.

The Clinton camp has booked Game 7 ads as well. According to a report from CNNMoney, the campaign has reserved four spots, all of which are floating, which means they're not guaranteed specific times or that they will be aired. Two of Trump's spots are floating, and one is fixed.

The going price for a Game 7 ad is upwards of $500,000, reports CNNMoney, but the campaigns won't have to pay as much. Broadcasters have a legal obligation to give campaign committees access to reduced rates in the weeks leading up to Election Day. 21st Century Fox's (FOX) Fox channel will air the game.

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