Whether it's Twitter or Instagram, early patrons of Chipotle's (CMG) new burger concept "Tasty Made" seem to agree on one thing: the fast food isn't that great. 

Diners have taken to social media to slam Tasty Made for its small portion sizes, relatively high prices and generally un-tasty grub (see below posts). "I tried the new Tasty Made burger. Verdict? Chipotle should stick to what they're good at -- burritos," exclaimed one person on Twitter. 

The concept itself appears lacking in its own right.

The restaurant only has three burger options on the menu -- a hamburger, a cheeseburger and a specialty burger called the Tasty Made. As for sides there are only French fries, while the shake options number four in total. Rounding out the menu are typical sodas from Coca-Cola (KO) , which is odd in the sense the concept is emphasizing a Chipotle "better for you" image by grilling up antibiotic free beef. What high fructose corn syrup?

So, there are no craft colas that sub out high fructose corn syrup for organic cane sugar, no interesting shakes, and no Shake Shack (SHAK) like chicken sandwich developed with the help of well-known local chefs. And judging by the picture of the menu below, there isn't a burger available with strips of bacon -- the Tasty Made burger has something called "bacon sauce." 

It appears that Chipotle founder and co-CEO Steve Ells -- which is a classically trained chef -- decided to open a 1950s style McDonald's (MCD) in the year 2016, one with some natural ingredients but nothing to shake up a way more competitive burger game. What a letdown.

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