Defense Technologies International Corp.:  Successful Test And Demonstration Of The Offender Alert Passive Scan™

LAS VEGAS, Nov. 02, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Defense Technologies International Corp. (OTCQB:DTII) (The Company), a developer of security technologies, is pleased to announce the successful test and demonstration of its Scanner Unit.

DTII successfully completed the in-house test and demonstration of its New Passive Scanner alerting for metals such as those found in guns, knives etc.

The Offender Alert Passive Scan™
  • Our scanner technology is based on the 'Earth Magnetic Fields'. Contrary to existing Scanners that are based on X-ray Technology, our Scanner has no emission what so ever and is therefore harmless to the subject passing through our portal, especially ideal for schools.

The Video of the demonstration may be seen at:

We are very excited about the final progress and success after years of planning, testing and improvements to today's unique and outstanding Scan Technology Device, the 'Offender Alert Passive Scan™'


Our Scanner Portal will soon be ready for installation in real world venues, with primary concentration on schools in the United States and other countries around the world as well as other venues of public assembly.

Merrill W. Moses the CEO of Defense Technologies International Corp. commented, "This is another step forward in our efforts to make our Schools and Sporting events safer and as a result more enjoyable for all".

As of Nov. 02, 2016, the Company had approximately 26,096,056 common shares issued and outstanding, traded on the OTCQB exchange under the ticker symbol "DTII".

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Change in Company structure:Due to the inability to complete a successful audit of the former subsidiary Defense Technology Corporation (DTC), DTII and DTC mutually agreed to rescind the acquisition agreement and DTII subsequent signed an agreement with the Inventor of the Passive Scanner System whereby DTII acquired the exclusive worldwide rights to the Passive Scanner Technology. See the announcement filed with the SEC within the 8-K document on October 21 st.

Present company structure: