Rareview Capital Introduces Rareview Longevity Income Generation Fund

Rareview Capital LLC, an SEC registered investment advisor, today announced the launch of the Rareview Longevity Income Generation Fund, a mutual fund for investors that aim to generate a high level of current income. The Fund will trade under the symbol RLIGX.

The objective of the Fund is to seek to generate long-term capital appreciation and current income by investing in closed-end funds.

The investment strategy of the Fund is to utilize a top-down asset allocation approach to tactically rotate amongst closed-end funds that pay regular periodic cash distributions, whose share prices trade at substantial discounts relative to their underlying net asset values.

Each step of the Fund strategy is governed by a rules-based discipline:

1. Asset Allocation: A global, top-down, long-term and cyclical asset allocation model that utilizes the latest generation of technical and fundamental factors to weight investments.

2. Valuation: A proprietary model-driven approach to measure the relative cheapness of each closed-end fund on an intra-asset class basis.

3. Risk Overlay: A systematic process that purchases index put options in an attempt to protect against sharp market drawdowns and invests cash to take advantage of rebounds.

"The Rareview Longevity Income Generation Fund is built to address the aging and massive demographic shifts that are reshaping our society while at the same time Government policies have significantly curtailed the savings rate for retirees," said Founder and CIO Neil Azous . "With 10,000 people per day retiring for the next 14 years straight 1, or 50 million US citizens, and the average life expectancy of the Baby Boomer generation having increased by over 10 years since 1950 2, there has never been a greater necessity for providing income solutions. If you are looking to enhance income and cash flow, manage sector or interest rate risk, improve diversification, or are concerned about your purchasing power, the Fund has many potential benefits over the course of a full market cycle."

About Rareview Capital LLC

Rareview Capital LLC is an SEC registered investment advisor that specializes in income solutions.

Rareview Capital LLC is headquartered in Stamford, CT and can be reached at 203-539-6067. For additional information, please see  www.rareviewcapital.com.


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