Cubs Fans Are Shattering Records For Spending

On Friday night the Lakeview, Chicago bar Rocks had a line out the door. A couple young men in baseball jerseys asked about their chances of getting in before the game. The bouncer admitted they weren't good.

"You can try somewhere else," he said, "but we're the only bar around here that's not charging rent for the tables."

It was an understatement for this bar only a few blocks from Wrigley Field, in an area where other places have been demanding $1,000 or more just to get inside, not counting the drink minimum.

A few blocks away Chicago police had set up traffic barricades; drivers had to show proof of residence to get anywhere near Wrigley Field. Popular rumor around town had it that the city had bussed anywhere from 4,000 to 5,000 cops in for the weekend (the actual number was 1,000 officers on duty).

Every window seemed to have a flag or sign supporting the Chicago Cubs, and almost every store seemed to sell one. Getting a cheeseburger, as this reporter found, took an hour and a half. Welcome to Wrigleyville during the World Series.

The Chicago Cubs are a team that famously loses in a nation that loves underdogs. Without a World Series title since 1908, or even an appearance since 1945 (possibly due to a mix up over a local goat), their current World Series battle with the Cleveland Indians is literally a lifetime first for many fans. And those fans are showing their love right back the old fashioned way: by opening their lungs and their wallets.

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