Editors' pick: Originally published Nov. 11.

The fateful night has arrived. You're to entertain your significant other's parents at your apartment before spending an evening out together.

Slightly impressed with yourself, you manage to carefully arrange bargain cheese and crackers on a ceramic platter you didn't even know you had. A little cilantro makes it fancy, right?

With that much anticipated (dreaded) knock just moments away, you come to a stomach-lurching realization. In your rush to get your potential in-laws favorite liquors, you neglected the fact that you have nothing to pour them into.

Before you drink bourbon from a paper cup, take the time to pick up some proper glassware. You can look like you know how to "properly'" drink without properly emptying your bank account.

Luigi Bormioli Crescendo Martini Glasses (4)


You've seen Mad Men. You can't beat a classic, even if you hate it. These break-resistant glasses come with a 25-year guarantee.

Marquis by Waterford HiBall Glasses (4)

If you take soda with your Scotch, you need a proper crystal HiBall glass. Who knew watering down cheap liquor could look so classy?

Marquis by Waterford Old Fashioned Glasses (4)

For every high, there must be a lowball. This beautiful set by Waterford is perfect for those days you splurge on whiskey that you can actually stomach straight.

Perception Coupe Glasses (4)

Whether you're looking to slurp champagne like it's 1966 or you're in search of a classier home for your Sidecars and Daiquiris, the coupe glass gives your liquor collection a more polished appearance.

Tritan Unbreakable Champagne Flutes (4)

You've been to a wedding, you know how we drink champagne in good ole 2016: excessively. This set of shatterproof and dishwasher-safe flutes will handle all of your toasting needs.

Stolzle Classic White Wine Glasses (4)

Once you move beyond boxed wine, you'll realize different wines require different glasses. This tulip-shaped stemware perfectly matches the mandatory bottle of chardonnay your guests brought.

Lenox Tuscany Classics Red Wine Glasses (4)

When you inevitably spill Merlot on your white shirt, you can be comforted by the fact that you did so from the proper glass. This set of glasses perfectly accommodates a dry wine and your girlfriend's father's drier personality.

Tritan Unbreakable Stemless Wine Glasses (4)

If you're that hot mess that can't make it a day without breaking a glass, considering ditching the stem and going for a safer model. You'll lose the class of a traditional glass but you'll save yourself from picking up glass shards for the next week.

Lenox Tuscany Craft Beer Set (4)

You're bound to encounter that one beer snob who demands to drink his or her craft brew from the proper glass. This set from Lenox covers the basics from a Pilsner to an India Pale Ale.

Trendy Bartender Classic Shot Glasses (4)

Although your extensive shot glass collection from all 50 states is extremely impressive, consider classing things up a bit when your company is looking to party. Would you want your future mother-in-law drinking from a glass shaped like a revolver?

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