10 Life-Savers to Make Your Commute Seem 10 Minutes Shorter

Editors' pick: Originally published Nov. 2.

Everyone's been there. All of your reports are filed and your boss is only slightly pissed, so you make your valiant escape from a hellish week at the office. A stiff drink to celebrate your unexpected survival seems moments away. That is, until you hit wall-to-wall traffic before you even leave the parking lot. Blaring horns and drivers going under the speed limit in the left lane make you wonder why you ever bother trying to leave work at all.

While nothing will ever make a three-hour daily commute OK (My life is in shambles), you can make time spent in the car or on the train a little less vomit-inducing. Consider this the survival kit you never knew you needed.

1. ZeroLemon iPhone Charging Case

There's nothing worse than when your phone dies at the beginning of a long train ride. Without a great set of headphones and newsfeeds to scroll, you may be forced to acknowledge that other people exist. Fortunately, the ZeroLemon charging case gives your iPhone that little boost you need to continue being the antisocial introvert you are.

2. Viivant Portable Charger

If you're an Apple hater or prefer a less bulky phone case than the one above, I won't discriminate; things aren't completely hopeless for you. The AirX external battery can give multiple devices that ever-so-coveted train ride charge. Just don't forget to bring it with you.

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