Bloomberg's Betty Liu: Anchor Turns Into Entrepreneur Via Radiate

Bankers know where to turn for financial news: Betty Liu, the anchor of Bloomberg Markets.

Her nine-year tenure at Bloomberg has made her a familiar face on trading floors across the world.

Bespectacled and brainy, Liu doesn't just report news but regularly converses with headliners such as investing guru Warren E. Buffett and Jamie Dimon, chief executive of JPMorgan Chase on her show. Her audience doesn't just learn about investing but how to think of their careers as long-term investments.

Recognizing the opportunity to provide meaningful career advice to executives, Liu has become one herself by launching Radiate in March. Radiate curates career advice and leadership lessons culled from executives such as entrepreneurs such as Gary Vaynerchuk and business leaders such as Jack Welch.

"Radiate is a passion project," she said in an interview.

After Liu published "Work Smarts: What CEOs Say You Need To Know to Get Ahead" in 2013, in which she interviewed business luminaries, many readers told her that they wanted to hear more stories about what it takes to get ahead. They want her to mine her vast Rolodex for gems of wisdom.

"It got me thinking that there must be more demand. So I launched Radiate," Liu said.

Radiate content comes mostly in two forms: podcasts and short videos.

One of Liu's most well-received video interviews was with memory expert Jim Kwik who provided seven tips on how to remember people's names after meeting them.

First tip: Be suave, and monitor the self-talk that happens in the brain. Those who tell themselves they can't remember names won't be able to.

Another tip: Ask people how to spell their name or where it is from.

Liu reportedly raised $1 million to expand her podcast which has garnered 200,000 listeners. For season 2, she interviewed a wide swath of business and thought leaders.

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