Editors' pick: Originally published Nov. 11.

The holiday countdown clock has started and the frenzied search to find that perfect gift for that child in your life has begun. Toys are a holiday delight for children (and adults) of all ages, but understanding which type of toy for the individual is what often baffles the gift giver.  Some children love to sit quietly and snuggle a plush toy, whereas others want a toy that entices their inner adventurer. Before you buy, keep the child's age in mind as some toys are inappropriate or possibly pose a choking hazard for the very young. Also, have an idea about what types of toys the child enjoys, while keeping a budget in mind.

To compile this list, we picked out a few from TTPM's Most Wanted list as well as some of our favorites among the just launched holiday toys.

For those who like to cuddle and snuggle

It's no secret that a stuffed animal provides comfort and love to children of all ages, however 21st century plush toys do more than sit on a shelf, staring blankly into space. In fact, a number of stuffed toys are interactive and responsive to commands and reactions, which greatly enhance the user's experience. When looking for an interactive plus toy consider what you hope to accomplish with the toy--are you looking for a toy that provides a transitional experience, such as what it might be like to own a dog or something that's going to provide interest and fun? One "test drive" pup that responds to touch and interaction is Hasbro's Joy for All Golden Pup. Snuggle and cuddle with this battery operated toy, while built in sensors respond to motion and touch. The pup even responds to vocal commands, which makes this toy ideal not only for children but as a companion for a grandparent or an elderly individual in your life.

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