Editors' pick: Originally published Sept. 21.

Sure, the only thing better than passive income might be growing passive income -- but as a card-carrying technical analyst for many years, I can add a filter: stocks with growing income and an attractive chart picture.

From this list of 10 top dividend growers, I found just six that could also deliver some upside appreciation based on signs of accumulation and trend. The rest of the stocks on the list are in neutral trends lacking aggressive buying.

Let's take a closer technical at those six stocks.


In this daily vertical bar chart of Corning ( GLW - Get Report) , above, we can see the pattern of prices going back 12 months. While Corning has had corrections and retracements, it has still traced out a pattern of higher highs and higher lows -- the simple definition of an uptrend.
Corning is trading above its rising 50-day simple moving average line and above the positive 200-day average. Confirming the rising price trend is the on-balance-volume, or OBV, line, which has been trending higher the entire time (the middle panel below the price chart). A rising OBV line means that the volume of trading in a security has been heavier on days when it has closed higher. More volume on an "up day" is a sign of aggressive buying and accumulation.
Also notice how the OBV line only makes slight dips when prices retreat. This is also a bullish signal in that it tells you that the volume of trading was light on the decline and that traders elected to stay with their positions instead of selling out.
In the bottom panel is the moving average convergence/divergence, or MACD, oscillator, which is poised to cross and generate a new buy signal.

Best Buy
In this daily chart of Best Buy ( BBY - Get Report) , above, we can see a saucer-like base pattern with an upside gap in August as the stock breaks out of this bullish formation.
Best Buy is trading above its rising 50-day and 200-day averages. There is a recent bullish golden cross of these average in early August ahead of the upside gap. Notice the rising OBV line, which turned up in February at the price low.
During March through June, Best Buy drifted lower in price, but buyers continued to accumulate shares of Best Buy. This is impressive and probably foreshadowed the subsequent advance.

Vail Resorts
In this daily chart of Vail Resorts ( MTN - Get Report) , above, we can see what every investor would want: a nice uptrend with only shallow and short-lived corrections.
Vail Resorts been above the 50-day and 200-day averages for much of the past year, and the OBV line is positive.

Republic Services
In this chart of Republic Services  ( RSG - Get Report) , above, we can see that prices are currently correcting the rally from April to July. Prices are slowly pulling back and testing nearby support in the $50-to-$49 area.
The OBV line moved up with prices from a December low, and it is now being sticky on the downside. The trend-following moving average convergence/divergence oscillator has just given a cover shorts buy signal in the bottom panel.

Omnicom Group
Here is another positive looking chart:  Omnicom Group  ( OMC - Get Report) , above. Prices are trending higher, and while the setbacks are sharper than the other stocks we have looked at, the reactions are short in duration.
In this chart, like some of the others above, the OBV line confirms the advance with aggressive buying and light selling when the stock has declined. OMC is currently testing the rising 50-day simple moving average line and remains above the rising 200-day average.

CA ( CA)  has corrected lower in the past six weeks or so, but the overall pattern of trading is positive.
The slope of the more sensitive 50-day moving average is turning down, but the 200-day average line is still rising. Notice how steady the OBV line has been during this pullback -- longs are staying put.

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