EMERYVILLE, Calif., Sept. 21, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today, TubeMogul (NASDAQ:TUBE), a leader in software for brand advertising, announced that it has revamped its display offering in order to increase accountability and further improve effectiveness in cross-channel branding and performance campaigns.

"Our goal is to build a display solution that delivers results without compromising on context, fraud, transparency or viewability," said Boaz Ram, Director, Display and Social, TubeMogul. "These enrichments come at a time when brands are building out their technology stacks and unifying their cross-channel approach, and TubeMogul's software empowers marketers with a single platform that controls reach and frequency across TV, video and display."

Striking new agreements and deepening existing relationships with a diverse set of partners were critical components of the refresh:
  • Building upon an earlier video-specific integration, TubeMogul is extending Integral Ad Science's pre-bid filters for viewability and fraudulent traffic to ensure display ads are always seen by real viewers. 
  • Since the majority of premium display ads are bought through private deals, TubeMogul added support for Deal ID functionality across leading private marketplaces, including Google's DoubleClick Ad Exchange, Index Exchange and Rubicon Project.  
  • In order to ad serve rich media-enabled dynamic creative, TubeMogul struck a preferred partnership with Jivox, a leading platform for personalized digital advertising and marketing.

Through the integration, TubeMogul's in-house Creative Team can help marketers develop highly personalized rich media display ads, such as expandable banners, Rising Stars units and ad creative that changes dynamically based on factors like weather, location and time of day.

In addition, TubeMogul is amending its Non-Human Traffic Credit Program to include display and native ad formats. First launched in February for video ads, the initiative automatically refunds platform clients for traffic identified as fraudulent by White Ops. The new policy is effective October 1 st, 2016.

TubeMogul's display offering also implements a new conversion optimization algorithm, developed by the company's machine learning team in order to significantly boost campaign performance. The conversion algorithm bolsters existing platform capabilities, including: frequency management across channels; targeting by site, device, audience, topic, geographic region and daypart; and individual, site-level transparency, reporting and optimization.

For more information about TubeMogul's cross-channel advertising solution, please visit: https://www.tubemogul.com/cross-channel-advertising/ 

About TubeMogulTubeMogul (NASDAQ:TUBE) is a leader in software for brand advertising. By reducing complexity, improving transparency and leveraging real-time data, our platform enables advertisers to gain greater control of their global advertising spend and achieve their brand advertising objectives. TubeMogul was incorporated in 2007 and is headquartered in Emeryville, California and has offices in several other locations in the U.S. and internationally, including in Chengdu, Kyiv, London, Paris, Sao Paulo, Shanghai, Singapore, Sydney and Tokyo.

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