Waters Corporation (NYSE: WAT) introduces a new data acquisition mode, SONAR™, for its Xevo ® G2-XS quadrupole time-of-flight (QTof) mass spectrometer (MS) that provides MS/MS data from data-independent acquisitions (DIA). The technology enables analytical scientists to be more efficient in the laboratory and have more confidence in the results they generate. SONAR data allows for the quantification and identification of lipids, metabolites, and proteins in complex samples from a single injection without additional method development normally associated with MS/MS analysis.

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The novel MS acquisition mode was announced at the 15 th annual Human Proteome Organization (HUPO) World Congress, where Bob Bateman and John Hoyes, senior MS technology experts at Waters Corporation, are being recognized for advancing mass spectrometry instrumentation.

In modern proteomics experiments, DIA-based mass spectrometry has been a popular technique for capturing data-rich sample profiles. As proteomics and lipidomics capabilities have progressed, scientists seek to further focus experiments to quantify specific peptides and proteins, which has required additional method development and repeated assays. The newly introduced SONAR data acquisition mode provides additional clarity and information for increasingly complex samples.

"Today, as proteomics research has matured, scientists are already collecting the majority of the information available from proteins. What they want to be able to do is approach a protein or specific peptides with a hypothesis, and use targeted MS/MS quantification to investigate their ideas without setting up additional methods or experiments," said David Heywood, senior manager, Omics business development at Waters Corporation. "Now, with SONAR data acquisition, they can perform a more selective all-in-one analysis. Compatible with high-speed UPLC separations, it's a more efficient workflow for more accurate qualitative and quantitative analysis within a single injection."

Waters Scientists Recognized at HUPO

Also at the annual HUPO meeting, Waters Corporation's Consultant for Technical Research, Bob Bateman, and MS Technical Director and Scientific Fellow, John Hoyes, are being recognized for their contributions to advancing technology for proteomics research with the HUPO Industrial Advisory Board Science and Technology Award for the development of the Q-Tof mass spectrometer.

"The availability of a Q-Tof tandem MS instrument had tremendous influence on the development of proteomics in its early days, since this type of mass spectrometer coupled with a nanoLC provided unprecedented performance in analyzing a proteome," noted the HUPO Executive Committee in their award announcement. The Waters ® (Micromass ®) Q-Tof™ Mass Spectrometer was first commercially introduced in 1996 and has undergone many technological advancements, most recently with the integration of ion mobility separations and now with its novel SONAR MS data acquisition mode.

SONAR Enhancements to MS Data Acquisition Modes

The additional selectivity offered by the SONAR data acquisition mode is due to the behavior of the mass spectrometer's quadrupole. Instead of remaining open and transmitting all ions, in SONAR mode the quadrupole slides over the selected mass range of interest, with each scan capturing 200 spectra. The operation of the quadrupole makes the SONAR mode compatible with fast UltraPerformance LC ® (UPLC ®) separations that increase laboratory throughput. Compounds that may have chromatographically coeluted are now separated by the quadrupole and recorded individually for more effective library searches. The SONAR data acquisition mode collects both quantitative and qualitative data within a single injection.

SONAR technology is the subject of several talks at HUPO World Congress, taking place Sept. 18-22 at the Taipei International Convention Center.

SONAR data is compatible with analytical workflows that utilize Waters Progenesis ® and Symphony™ software, and with third-party software packages such as Skyline. SONAR is available on the Waters Xevo G2-XS QTof Mass Spectrometer under MassLynx ® Software control.

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