Singapore Selects Delphi Automotive to Demonstrate Urban Driverless Technology

Delphi Automotive (DLPH) said it has been hired by the Singapore government to undertake a project demonstrating driverless transportation technology through 2020.

The demonstration will take place in a square mile urban area known as 1 North, which includes about four miles of roads, connecting residences and businesses. The pilot vehicles will be limited to travel no faster than 25 miles per hour and will be confined by a "geofence" -- a digital barrier defining the borders of the project.

Delphi declined to provide the value of its contract with Singapore's Land Transport Authority. The automotive supplier's proposal triumphed over those of other competitors, whose identities the government didn't reveal. The company said it intends to transition from pilot testing to operational service by 2022.

The automotive supplier, whose operational headquarters are in Auburn Hills, Mich., said its technology is "vehicle agnostic and can be applied to passenger cars, commercial vehicles, trucks and purpose built mobility pods" for people or cargo.

Delphi gained international attention in March 2015 when it collaborated with Audi on a coast-to-coast U.S. demonstration of driverless technology. The pace of driverless and autonomous projects by automakers and technology companies has accelerated since.

The project will begin, Delphi said, in a "fairly small, controlled manner, but it will be very visible." An operational fleet will expand to about 40 to 50 vehicles as confidence in its safety and utility grows, the company said. The first pilot vehicles could resemble those developed by Google, using conventional cars fitted with sensors. Eventually, the mobility pods should be fully driverless, lacking even manual steering controls or brakes.

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