Bioanalytical Systems, Inc. (BASi) (NASDAQ:BASI), a recognized global leader in the development of instrumentation for electroanalytical measurements for over 40 years, is proud to partner with PalmSens BV to offer handheld electrochemical analyzers, expanding its line of innovative electrochemistry instrumentation.

These cutting edge handheld electrochemical analyzers, now offered by BASi, are portable battery powered devices that are capable of Bluetooth communication with software for a Windows PC or downloadable as an Android app. The devices are designed with flexibility and versatility in mind for the scientist and come in many different variations depending on the desired specifications and available features. Device options include impedance spectroscopy, a polypotentiostat, and multi-channel instruments that enable up to 12 experiments to be conducted simultaneously.

Jacqueline Lemke, President and Chief Executive Officer of BASi, commented, "BASi is proud to partner with PalmSens BV, adding this innovative laboratory equipment to BASi's already impressive array of electrochemistry instruments, cell stands, electrodes, and electrochemical cells. For over 40 years, BASi's name has been synonymous with innovative electrochemistry products and expertise. This partnership gives our customers an expanded and customizable electrochemical tool set that increases the breadth of potential electrochemical experiments and enhances their scientific studies."

Willem van Velzen, Co-owner of PalmSens BV, added, "BASi has a wide range of electrochemistry related products and a knowledge base that covers electrochemistry and also other product groups. Combined with their well established customer relationships all over the US, they have everything we are looking for in a distributor and local representative. We think that the compact potentiostats we offer are a great addition to the product range developed by BASi. Furthermore, we can support BASi customers with 15 years of experience in mobile electrochemistry. BASi's interest in combining our devices and their equipment to create new, exciting products has already shown us that this cooperation is moving in the right direction."

Orders are being taken now for immediate delivery. For technical guidance and expertise, please contact James Hill, PhD, BASi Electrochemistry Product Manager, at 765-476-9888.

About Bioanalytical Systems, Inc.

BASi is a pharmaceutical development company providing contract research services and monitoring instruments to the world's leading drug development companies and medical research organizations. BASi is recognized globally for expertise in electroanalytical chemistry, and has been manufacturing electrochemical analyzers and accessories for over 40 years. BASi focuses on developing innovative products that increase efficiency and reduce the cost of taking new drugs to market. Visit for more information about BASi.

About PalmSens

PalmSens BV was founded in 2001 by Dr. Kees van Velzen, one of the driving forces in the field of potentiostat digitalization. PalmSens was the first company to reduce a research grade potentiostats to a size that fits in your pocket. PalmSens is committed to make electrochemistry easier, more portable and more accessible for novice and advanced researchers. PalmSens provides a comprehensive range of instruments for most types of electrochemistry with an emphasis on mobility and cost. The Company's unique flagship device, the PalmSens3, is one of the most compact frequency response analyzers (FRA) / EIS capable devices in the market.

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