Moviegoers Will Call 'Ghostbusters' This Weekend

This weekend will see the release of what may be the most talked-about movie of the summer, Sony's "Ghostbusters." Sony is in need of fresh franchises, and so will be eager to spin whatever number the reboot opens to as a success. The studio, however, will probably not be able to claim a No. 1 opening, as "The Secret Life of Pets" is set to take the box office crown once more. Further down the charts, "The Infiltrator," the Broad Green Pictures flick that opened on Wednesday, should have a muted first weekend. Together, the top twelve should make about $170 million, down 19% from last weekend and about 5% from the same weekend last year.

Although "Ghostbusters" will definitely be the big story of the weekend, the No. 1 spot is still likely to go to Universal's "The Secret Life of Pets," although it could be a squeaker. After breaking out with a $104 million opening last weekend, "Pets" should continue to be the top attraction for family audiences. Illumination Entertainment films are normally a little more front-loaded than other animated movies, so a weekend drop of around 50% wouldn't be surprising. However, "Pets" is benefiting from great word-of-mouth and a lack of family competition in the marketplace (outside of "Finding Dory"), so there's a chance it could have a similar second-weekend drop to "The Jungle Book," which fell 40% in its second weekend. This box office analyst is going for the more conservative estimate: look for "Pets" to make $52 to $55 million this weekend, raising its total to about $205 million through its first ten days.

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