The rebound in the price of crude this year has lifted upstream and downstream players across the entire oil patch. Investors seeking to drill down on a single stock in the energy sector should consider the highly integrated Royal Dutch Shell  (RDS.A - Get Report) , said Andrew McNair, CEO of Swan Capital.
"They can really take advantage of not just the production of oil, but they also cut out the middle man when they sell the oil," said McNair. "Now that oil has rebounded, it may be somewhat volatile, but we see it as a good buy."
Shares of Royal Dutch are up 7.5% for the year to date, but are still down over 11% over the past 12 months.
He is also bullish on Microsoft  (MSFT - Get Report) , which has seen its stock drop almost 10% this year, primarily due to its worse-than-expected first-quarter earnings report last month.
"I think leadership knows it needs to abandon the smartphone and focus more on its commercial sales, as well as take some of that capital and invest it in some other companies," said McNair.
On the other hand, AT&T  (T - Get Report)  has been on a roll thus far in 2016. The telecom giant's stock is up 11% this year and McNair said its wireless business and hefty 5% dividend yield will take it higher.
"They have that cash cow of those wireless customers and they are smart when they invest in things like DirecTV, which they can dual market between the two companies," said McNair. "It's very smart."
Finally, McNair is a fan of shares of Duke Energy  (DUK - Get Report) , up 8% year to date, saying the utility offers both stable returns and growth. The Charlotte, N.C.-based power distributor sports a dividend yield of 4.1%.
"They have invested a lot of their capital back into the infrastructure so for the dividend part of it, they are going to get a solid dividend for years to come because of that investment in plants and equipment," said McNair.