3. Tyra Beauty

Few models ever reach the level of fame that Tyra Banks enjoys. Banks has done an impressive job of staying relevant throughout her legendary career. Banks first launched Tyra Beauty in 2014, selling the collection of 14 products with kitschy names like "Pop It Clean" makeup remover wipes, but recently expanded direct-to-consumer efforts a la competing makeup brand Mary Kay. Those interested in selling Tyra Beauty -- becoming 'Beautytainers' as Banks calls it -- can purchase the Biz Kit Launch Bundle on Tyra.com to get started. Empowering her fans to take control of their careers by selling her products effectively turns Banks' existing champions into extensions of her brand.

Additionally, Banks is smart enough to know she can't grow this business alone. She's made some wise hiring decisions, tapping top talent from Stella & Dot, a successful direct marketer of jewelry. Specifically, Banks brought on Anita Krpata, to serve as general manager, as well as Evacheska DeAngelis Barton as senior director of field development. Bringing in leadership with experience in direct selling -- and to a similar demographic at that -- will help Tyra Beauty achieve sustainable growth.

Successfully launching a retail brand is a formidable task, but having years of industry experience and millions of existing fans gives these former catwalk queens an edge. These women know how to elevate brand awareness and convert fans into buyers, which is why investors should keep an eye on their ventures.


This article is commentary by an independent contributor. At the time of publication, the author held no positions in the stocks mentioned.

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