Starting with a list of 30 stocks that Morgan Stanley thought would be good to own for the next three years, I took a look at their charts and cut the list down to just five. Judging from their price performance for the past five years, I think these stocks will have staying power in the years ahead. 

Constellation Brands


Constellation Brands (STZ - Get Report) has gone up tenfold from its 2012 low. Prices are above their rising 40-week moving average line, and that has defined the uptrend for over three years. The on-balance-volume, or OBV, line is also rising steady the past four years. Constellation Brands also has no overhead resistance to contend with. All of this aids the outlook on the chart.

First Republic Bank


I can't say that First Republic Bank (FRC - Get Report) has risen tenfold, but it can be proud of a double and then some. The 40-week simple moving average line has maintained an upslope for much of the past five years, and the OBV line has generally kept pace with the price advance.

Mettler-Toledo International

Mettler-Toledo International (MTD - Get Report) has been an outperformer the past five years, climbing over $350 from near $125 back in 2011. The stock has seen some corrective pullbacks over the years but has gone on to new highs subsequently. Notice the steady rise in the OBV line from a 2012 low.




The price of (AMZN - Get Report) has more than tripled in recent years. The 40-week moving average line has helped to steer investments higher. The OBV line has generally moved up with prices.



The price of Accenture  (ACN - Get Report) has been a pretty steady performer, more than doubling over the timeframe and displaying a steadily rising OBV line. Three years is a long time frame to forecast, but Accenture seems to have the uptrend under control.