eBay (EBAY - Get Report)  on Thursday announced a new partnership with e-commerce platform BigCommerce that will make it easier for small-to-medium-sized businesses to sell on eBay.com.

BigCommerce provides the backend services for online merchants that want to sell across multiple channels. The platform previously offered a basic integration with eBay, but now that integration will go deeper. Merchants can click a button to offer their inventory on eBay and manage that inventory in real time on BigCommerce alongside any other channels they sell on.

For example, if a merchant sells dresses, and it has 8 items left, it can offer those 8 dresses on eBay as well as its own branded site, and the inventory will automatically reflect any action taken on both sites. So if an eBay buyer buys all 8 dresses, the merchant's branded site will automatically be updated to reflect that the item is out of stock.

The integration makes it much easier for sellers to offer their products on eBay.

"eBay's strategy and our business model is firmly grounded in the foundation of making sure we have the best choice in selection for all our buyers across all markets," said eBay's Head of North America Hal Lawton. "To continue to deliver on that, it's very much grounded in continuing to acquire small-to-medium-sized businesses who bring that unique differentiated inventory at great bargains to our site."

Lawton added that retailers are increasingly looking to expand into multiple channels, so working with BigCommerce made a lot of sense.

"162 million shoppers go to eBay to find the world's best selection of unusual items, hard to find items, well priced items, and in our merchant base of tens of thousands of stores, nearly all of them have merchandise that would sell extremely well on eBay," said BigCommerce CEO Brent Bellm. "With this integration, it makes it super easy for them to expand their distribution from their branded store to eBay's huge global buyer base."