These are just a few of the airlines reportedly lining up to fly to Cuba. Alaska Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Southwest Airlines, and JetBlue have also submitted applications, according news reports.

The DOT will make the ultimate determination regarding which airlines are awarded routes.

"Flights to Cuba are opening in a big way," says Vinay Bhaskara, a senior business analyst for Airways News. "It's going to get a lot easier to fly to and from Cuba, compared to when there were just the few charter flights operating."

The renewed commercial flights to Cuba are not only a boon for travelers but also a welcome, and very lucrative, opportunity for the airlines, which stand to make millions of dollars from the new routes, notes Bhaskara.

"This is a genuine sort of boost to the U.S. airline industry," he explains. "It's a new source of revenue. This is a huge destination with lots of demand - there's a lot of Cuban Americans who all want to go back...This could add two to three million international travelers a year, and you're talking on the order of a couple hundred million dollars of revenue."

While large commercial airlines vie for a piece of the action, others have already begun figuring out ways to capitalize on present conditions.

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