To welcome the arrival of spring, a season of fresh beginnings, Limoneira Company, one of the largest providers of lemons in the United States, has partnered with some of the nation's green cleaning experts to share do-it-yourself recipes and tips for all-natural and green spring cleaning at home.

"When life gives you lemons, take the lemons and unleash your green clean machine," says Megan Roosevelt, Limoneira Lemons for Life ™ Spokesperson and CEO of Healthy Grocery Girl®. In a new video, Megan shares a number of these tips to bring out the shine.

Megan says, "These people are professionals in their industries and know how to keep environments clean and sanitized naturally. They're excited to share their tips for using Limoneira lemons to add sparkle.

Green Cleaning Opinion Leaders:
  • NEW YORK CITY - SAUDIA DAVIS, Founder of GreenHouse Eco-Cleaning has been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Crain's NY, Bloomberg Businessweek, The Economist, Fortune Magazine, ABC World News and is a frequent contributor to the Huffington Post.
  • LOS ANGELES - ALEX ROSTEN AND JEREMY ROUND are the owners of Maid in the U.S.A, the premier boutique cleaning service in Los Angeles. Among the Company's clients are The Gap, Armani Exchange, Banana Republic.
  • TORONTO - LOUISE TAILLON, Director or Training for The Sani Marc Group , is a frequent speaker on green cleaning and cleaning for health and sustainability.
  • BOSTON - DIANA SEABLOM-owner of Green Cleaning , uses products that are free from harsh chemicals, are biodegradable and toxin-free to help clean clients' homes.
  • BALTIMORE - KATHLEEN BANDS SCHINDLER-Vice President at My Cleaning Service . Her Company is in the top 10% of janitorial companies in the United States, cleaning more than 5,000,000 square feet of space in the Baltimore area daily.
  • DENVER - SHELLY BAKER, Owner of An Angel's Touch, LLC, uses only eco-friendly, non-toxic and certified green cleaning products and recycled/recyclable cleaning supply to offer both residential and commercial services.

DIY Cleaning Recipes and Tips:

All-purpose cleaning: Mix the juice from 1 lemon with 2 cups of warm water, a ½ cup of white vinegar and 5-10 drops of lemon essential oils. Transfer the mixture into a spray bottle, shake and spray to wipe clean surfaces.

Laundry: One cup of lemon juice instead of bleach. It still breaks down stains, whitens fabrics and it leaves a fresh lemon scent.

Toilet Cleaner: Sprinkle a half cup of Borax in the toilet bowl, add a cup of lemon juice and ½ cup of vinegar. Let it sit for 10 minutes then scrub as usual.

Dishwasher: Adding a tablespoon of lemon juice to a regular wash can help boost grease cutting power.

Natural Air Freshener: In a saucepan, simmer a quart of water with 1 slice lemon, 2 tablespoons of rosemary and a dash of vanilla.

Natural Furniture Polish: Mix ½ a cup of lemon juice with a cup of olive oil into a spray bottle. Mist onto furniture surface and wipe clean.

Hard water stains: Pour 2 cups of white vinegar and a ½ cup of lemon juice into a bottle. Add a ¼ cup of dish soap and shake. Soak the stains in this mixture for 30 minutes then scrub away!

Microwave degreaser: Combine a cup of water with the juice of half a lemon along with the lemon in a large, microwave safe bowl. Microwave on high for 3 minutes and remove the bowl. Use the mixture to wipe down the inside of the microwave until clean.

BBQ Grills: Cut a lemon in half and dip it in salt. Use the lemon to scrub the barbeque grill to remove stains.

Remove rust stains: The acid in lemons helps remove rust stains. Sprinkle salt on the rust stain and rub with half a lemon. Allow it to sit for an hour, scrubbing periodically, and rinse.

"Lemons are one of the most versatile items in the produce department," says John Carter, Limoneira's Director of Global Sales. "Everyone knows that lemons are a great recipe ingredient and enhancer, but they also have many uses in the areas of health, lifestyle, beauty, and cleaning."

For more natural, do-it-yourself cleaning tips, visit lemons for life ™.

About LimoneiraLimoneira Company, a 124-year-old international agribusiness headquartered in Santa Paula, California, has grown to become one of the premier integrated agribusinesses in the world. Limoneira (pronounced le mon¿âra) is a dedicated sustainability company with approximately 10,700 acres of rich agricultural lands, real estate properties and water rights in California, Arizona and Chile. The Company is a leading producer of lemons, avocados, oranges, specialty citrus and other crops that are enjoyed throughout the world. For more about Limoneira Company, visit

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