"You can stay in a villa there for less than it would cost for a Westin hotel in New York City," Murphy says. "And your dollars, once you are there, go so far because if you're O.K. with eating local food, you can literally eat for $20 a day and still have a lot of food left over. It's so bloody cheap."

The downsides, for some, of this destination include the long haul flight from the United States and the 12-hour time difference while there.

Still, April Cole, of Journeys Within Tour Company, which specializes in the Southeast Asia, says bargain prices are having a dramatic impact on travel, particularly to Thailand.

"Thailand is one of those places that seems hard to reach. It's exotic, beautiful, people look at it as a bucket list item and typically only go if they have a significant amount of time and money," explains Cole. "But because airfare rates have dropped from $1,200 to $800 - that's a very big difference... The question then becomes do you go to Hawaii for $550 or add a couple hundred dollars and go to Thailand?"

For many travelers the answer to that question has been increasingly to pluck Thailand off of their "someday bucket list" and instead to jet off there on a whim, seizing on bargain airfare on the spur of the moment.

That Thailand has become an "impulse trip" is a definite shift, says Cole.

The country's historically unsettled political climate has played a substantial role in the weakened baht, she adds. The U.S. dollar is currently trading at about $1 to 36 Thai baht, Cole says. That's up from about a year ago when the exchange rate was 32 baht to the dollar.

Despite the political climate being what it is, the country's tourist industry remains hard at work ensuring a stable, enjoyable and incredibly inexpensive experience for travelers.

"You could not get a hotel for $100 a night in Hawaii, one that is on the beach, with incredible service and views," says Cole. "That value for your money, when you get to Thailand, is so much better then what you're going to get anywhere else in the world."

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