On the other end of the spectrum are the two 1930s train caboose accommodations that will soon be offered at Buffalo Creek Vacations in North Carolina.

Purchased by the property owners about a year ago, the cabooses are undergoing extensive interior renovations in order to make them a cozy retreat for guests. About 300 square feet each, they sleep four people and include a full kitchen, bathroom and two sleeping areas, one in the cupola (ideal for children) and another full-size bed.

"You can lay in bed in the caboose and look out the window and see our buffalo herd," says owner Cheryl Hillis.

A 65-acre property in the Smokey Mountains, Buffalo Creek is home to buffalo, llamas, miniature ponies and goats.

And now the property's collection of unique and unusual offerings includes two historic cabooses, which will be available for rent starting in March.

"We're the first caboose lodging in North Carolina," says Hillis. "Most kids love trains and animals, so this is a great place for families to reconnect, get kids off of the electronic games and enjoy what it was like in the olden days."


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