6 'Crash-Proof' Safe-Haven Investments for a Bear Market

Editors' pick: Originally published Jan. 21.

Markets are crashing around us, once-reliable stocks are getting shorted, China's economic slowdown is choking the global economy, and dividend growth is beginning to look elusive.

To help you cope with this uncertainty, we've pinpointed six safe havens that will grow in 2016 and also protect your portfolio. Let's take a look.

1. Bond and income exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Investors are increasingly turning to bond ETFs, driven by a plethora of factors: low costs, tax efficiency, and ease of use.

Consider WisdomTree Bloomberg US Dollar Bull (USDU) , PowerShares S&P 500 Hi Div Low Vol (SPHD) , Guggenheim BltShs 2016 Hi Yld Co Bd (BSJG) , Guggenheim BltShs 2016 Corp Bond (BSCG) and iShares iBoxx $ Investment Grade Corporate Bond ETF (LQD) .

2. Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities' (TIPS), which are indexed to inflation to protect investors from the negative effects of fluctuating prices.

Bear in mind, Treasuries can act as a dependable hedge in times of increased risk. Popular bond investor Bill Gross recently echoed this sentiment, advising investors to buy 10-year inflation-protected Treasurys. They're well suited for your retirement investment strategy.

Two picks to get you started: iShares TIPS Bond (TIP) and SPDR Barclays 1-10 Year TIPS (TIPX) .

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