The stocks that lead the market higher are often the stocks that are hit the hardest when the market declines, and that was the case again in Wednesday's session. Facebook (FB) shares were down 3.9%, Amazon (AMZN) dropped 5.8%, Netflix (NFLX) plummeted 8.5%, and Alphabet (GOOGL) fell 3.4%, against a 2.5% pullback in the S&P 500 (SPY) index.

The FANG stocks, as TheStreet's Jim Cramer named them a few years ago, were given a root canal on Wednesday, but the fundamental standing of these stocks has not been erased by two weeks of market volatility. Now is the time to look for levels of technical support and trading opportunity. 

After all, it is also true the stocks that are hit the hardest in a decline are often the ones that benefit most from a bounce.

Read on for detailed analysis of each stock's chart.

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