LAS VEGAS -- The glitz and glamour of Las Vegas is certainly an appropriate backdrop for the International Consumer Electronics Show, as companies demonstrate their best and brightest products for the world to see.

From televisions to wearables, from connected cars to connected homes, CES 2016 so far has offered pretty much what you'd expect, with companies clamoring to show off their new wares.

Judging by the number of emails journalists have gotten in the past month, you'd think every tech company around since the dawn of time was unveiling something new this week. Companies at CES are doing everything they can to woo consumers and journalists alike.

Here are three of the more important, interesting announcements or unveilings during the first day of CES:

Most Important: Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is coming to the mainstream in 2016, and CES is the place where it has begun to show its capabilities and possibilities.

I've tested the Samsung (SSNLF) Gear VR previously, but the HTC Vive takes the VR experience to another level -- one that is limited only by our imaginations.

Me playing with the HTC Vive Steam VR set

— Chris Ciaccia (@Chris_Ciaccia) January 6, 2016

The content possibilities are endless, and not just for games. Virtual reality devices will let people explore new lands, expand education, help the disabled and aid manufacturing.

With Facebook's (FB) Oculus Rift set to launch later in the first quarter, coupled with the success of the Gear VR over the holiday season, the era of virtual reality is upon us.

I, for one, welcome it.

Most Boring: Samsung

Year after year, Samsung holds the biggest press conference, but it increasingly generates the sentiment of "why should I attend?" as opposed to "I need to attend."

Sure, the company can focus on its mobility devices, including smartwatches and new tablets, but nothing loses an audience like discussing laundry innovation.

Samsung introducing something called add wash, which it claims lets you pause wash to add piece of laundry. I call that opening the washer

— Chris Ciaccia (@Chris_Ciaccia) January 5, 2016

Most Quirky: Petnet

Pet tech was one of the more prevalent themes this year, with developments in everything from knowing where your pet is at all times to dispensing food to what is the right kind of food for your pets.

Enter Petnet.

Petnet introduced the SmartBowl, an intelligent bowl that allows you to feed your pet the proper amount of food and knows what to feed them.

Owners can receive notifications from the SmartBowl via an app. Those notifications can include feeding times, meal confirmations, food supply and battery life. It works with dry and wet food and automatically ships more food to your home as you need it. It retails for $49 and ships in April.

Apparently tech, and not Fido, is a man's best friend.