Quad/Graphics (NYSE: QUAD), a leading global provider of print and media solutions, announces the rebranding of its logistics and freight-forwarding capabilities as QuadExpress along with plans to continue aggressively expanding the business. The closer alignment with parent company Quad/Graphics leverages its global volume, purchasing power and world-class, asset-light logistics network to give QuadExpress clients greater flexibility and competitive rates. As part of the brand launch, QuadExpress also debuted a new solutions-focused website, shipquadexpress.com, and introduced SilverExpress, a proprietary Transportation Management System (TMS) with timesaving tools for clients.

"QuadExpress is both a shipper for our own business, handling more than six billion pounds of time-sensitive freight per year for Quad/Graphics, and a freight carrier for our external clients," said Jeff Duening, President of QuadExpress. "As shippers ourselves, we walk in our clients' shoes and share the same challenges. That means we go beyond just providing transportation services; we are a strategic partner to our clients. Our 'one size fits one' approach really resonates in the marketplace."

The business, then known as QWExpress, came to Quad through its 2010 acquisition of Worldcolor, adding to Quad/Graphics' 40 years of freight management experience. Already a fast-growing business unit, the company has repositioned to fuel rapid growth. A new leadership team was put in place over the past 18 to 24 months, bringing decades of expertise with companies such as FedEx and UPS.

QuadExpress serves as a single-source logistics partner for its clients, whether moving freight by land, sea or air. As an asset-light 3PL, QuadExpress has significant resources to manage freight. It can use Quad/Graphics-owned transportation assets or tap into a fleet of dedicated carriers that move freight exclusively for Quad. Additionally, it can turn to the broker market, where it has relationships with thousands of reliable carriers.

"That flexibility, combined with our shipping expertise and huge domestic and international volume, enables us to create a customized transportation solution for each client, each shipment," said Adam Craft, Director of Operations for QuadExpress. "We leverage those relationships and volumes to negotiate extremely competitive rates on behalf of our clients."

All QuadExpress customers receive the SilverExpress TMS at no charge. Its robust IT infrastructure is grounded in decades of experience managing and tracking the immense volume of time-critical domestic mail for Quad/Graphics. An easy-to-use, intuitive system, SilverExpress can be customized to serve the needs of each client, growing with clients as their business grows.

"Managing a supply chain is extremely complex, and many companies are required to do more with fewer resources," Duening said. "That's where QuadExpress comes in. As a trusted business resource for our customers, we provide the logistics expertise so they can focus on their core business."

About QuadExpress

QuadExpress is a multimodal logistics partner providing complete supply chain solutions. QuadExpress has a dedicated fleet of trucks as well as a vetted carrier network with dedicated contracts when needed. It leverages the Beneficial Cargo Owner status of Quad/Graphics to provide brokerage services for flexible, low-cost shipping solutions, moving freight domestically and internationally. QuadExpress also provides customers with timesaving tools through its proprietary Transportation Management System, SilverExpress™.

About Quad/Graphics

Quad/Graphics (NYSE: QUAD), a leading global provider of print and media solutions, is redefining print in today's multichannel media world by helping marketers and publishers capitalize on print's ability to complement and connect with other media channels. With consultative ideas, worldwide capabilities, leading-edge technology and single-source simplicity, Quad/Graphics has the resources and knowledge to help a wide variety of clients in distinct vertical industries, including but not limited to retail, publishing, insurance, financial and healthcare. The Company helps clients perform better in today's rapidly changing world through innovative solutions that improve efficiencies, reduce costs, lift response and increase revenue. Quad/Graphics provides a diverse range of print and related products, services and solutions from multiple locations throughout North America, Latin America and Europe, and strategic partnerships in Asia and other parts of the world.

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