Winter can be a parent's worst nightmare. As if the massive bag of wipes, bottles, diapers, hand sanitizer, pureed squash, and an extra outfit for the inevitable diaper blow out weren't enough to carry, winter brings the need for gear to a whole new level.

Thankfully, we have winter duds that are equal parts adorable and practical. If your little ones are crawling, toddling, or walking in a winter wonderland this year, it's not too early to assemble a wee wardrobe.

Don't Freeze Your Booties Off

After hours' worth of snowball fights and three different (oddly shaped) snowmen, you remove their boots and socks only to find ice blocks where their feet used to be. Enter the Snow Peak 200 WP JR, the ultimate snow boots. The boots are supportive, and incredibly insulated with Thinsulate™ insulation traps to keep the chill at bay. Worried about the smell kids bring back in with them? Not to fear. An anti-odor sockliner and microbial lining will keep their feet from sweating and smelling. Nothing we can do about them tracking in dirt and snow, sadly.

If you have comfort on the brain, look no further than Columbia's Minx Slip Omni Heat Winter Boot, which can tolerate over -25 degrees of ice cold weather. They are easy to zip on (no laces!) and have a faux fur collar and tongue lining.

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Winter Weather Apparel

The key to keeping kids warm in winter is layers, layers, layers. Because you'll be hopping from warm car, to cold street, to warm restaurant, and beyond, it's important that you have items that are easy to remove and put on.

This unisex jumper from AnchoreDeep is our favorite winter get-up. It's easy to put on, pajama soft, and comes with an attached hood (no more "What did you do with your hat?!" talks with your toddler). The best part is, the style makes it stretchy, so the kids will fit into throughout the entire season.

For nights out, you need outfits that will be equal parts stylish and warm. Little Me's Aviator Jacket Set and Fox 3 Piece Jacket Set are the perfect solution, with soft, easy to slip on layers and adorable jackets to make onlookers swoon at your cute, warm babe.

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Sock It Up

Keeping your tiny crew's feet warm involves more than just a good shoe. It's also important to keep their socks dry, and to look for socks that are made specifically for keeping tiny toes warm.

Toddler Johnny's by Trumpette are the perfect solution for toddlers who refuse to wear shoes, because they are socks that look like shoes. The Toddler Johnny's come in six pairs of bright high-top tennis shoe toddler socks in an adorable gift-ready box.

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For a heavy duty sock, no one does the job better than the winter experts at LLBean. Their SmartWool Sock wick moisture away so kids' feet stay warm and dry, and are made with a nylon/elastic blend so they form to the foot and don't sag in boots. Nobody likes a saggy sock.

Carrier Covers

For moms running around after multiple children, a baby carrier is a must have piece of gear. There's a world of carrier options out there, not to mention a smorgasbord of accessories to tailor your carrier to your every need. For cold weather, if you plan on wearing your baby, a cover is an absolute must.

The ERGObaby Carrier Cover is compatible with any ErgoBaby carrier, and is the perfect accessory for keeping baby toasty and warm while safe in mama's care. The cover is fleece lined, waterproof, and comes with a hood to keep little one's ears and head warm. For busy moms on-the-go, the cover is ideal because it easily snaps on and off via snaps at the shoulders and folds up compactly, which makes it easy to tote.

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If you happen to carry baby in a soft carrier, the Jolly Jumper is your ideal match (try using it with the K'tan carrier). This particular cover has pockets for keeping mama's hands warm in addition to repelling the chilly weather from the baby.

Car Seat Safe Attire

One of the biggest hang-ups for parents is how to keep their little ones both safe and warm en route to and in the car. Car seat safety mandates that children not wear bulky winter wear below their car seat safety belts. This precaution isn't exactly convenient when the arctic tundra hits, so what's a chilly babe to do?

The Patagonia Nano Puff Jacket is the ultimate solution. Equal parts warm and lightweight, in the event of an accident the jacket won't hinder your child's car seat from doing its job.  An alternative is the ever warm and soft Columbia Fleece jacket, which is perfect for chilly winter days that aren't borderline frozen (ideal for temperatures above ten degrees).

For wee babes, your best bet is a 7 A.M. Enfant Bunting which is both car seat safe and held in high regard by nearly every mommy blogger on the internet. The important factor about this bunting is that there is no fabric between the baby's back and the back of the car seat, which can hinder the seat's ability to protect in the event of an accident. The bunting's elastic makes removal and installation easy, and best of all, it's machine washable. If you're a first time mom-to-be and wondering why its machine washable capability is so important, don't ask. Ignorance is bliss, and dried spit-up is no joke.

Hi-Tech Winter Gear

If you live in a cold climate, then you cannot resist buying the Hotronic SnapDry Boot and Glove Dryer. If you've ever had to put wet, soggy boots back on, you know how tragic and cold that can be. After a long day on the slopes or shoveling snow, return home, plug in the dryer, and warm shoes await you. This particular dryer has a timer, which means you won't waste energy running it for any longer than is necessary.

Spare yourself and the kids numb fingers with Little Hotties hand and foot warmers. Made of environmentally safe and non-toxic material, these warmers provide odorless heat for up to eight hours, at an average temperature of 135 degrees.

Warmth Through The Night

When the temperature is below freezing, it's difficult to stay warm at night even with heat on full-blast in the house. Since babies can't sleep with blankets and fluff due to the risks involved, Sleep Sacks to the rescue!

For the chilliest months, Carters MicroFleece Sleep Sack is the best option. All your little one needs beneath is a light onesie, and the sack acts as both covers and pajamas all in one.

For nights where your babe is sleeping in their cute PJs, you need something equally as warm but slightly more breathable. HALO's armless sleep sack is roomy and warm, and gives little ones the illusion of a blanket, without the hazard of loose material in their crib.

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Take a Stroll

Cabin fever is real, folks, and it is only intensified when children are added to the picture. Sometimes, getting out of the house for a walk is the only way to maintain your household's sanity. Plus, fresh air (no matter how chilly) is good for the soul. How to stay warm?

Keep kiddo bundled up beneath layers of warmth in the JJ Cole Urban BundleMe which attaches seamlessly to stroller seats to keep your baby warm while on your daily stroll. Machine washable with an easy-to-remove top (so baby doesn't sweat when you pop in to Starbucks for coffee) for temperature control, you'll keep baby warm and happy while you get some much needed exercise.

So your hands don't freeze to the handles of the stroller, 7 A.M. Enfant has the most innovative solution to winter woes in the business: attachable winter gloves. You heard it: these 7 A.M. Enfant WarmMuffs attach to the stroller so you don't lose or misplace them when you head in and out of warmer areas. They simply snap on and off, and provide water resistant, machine washable warmth for mom or dad's cold hands.

Fight The Winter Aches

As much as moms fight it, cold and flu season is pretty unavoidable, particularly when you have wee ones in daycare or school learning to share, and inevitably swapping germs. When the bug hits, be prepared. With babies and small toddlers, its not advised to give them anything besides Baby Tylenol, so moms and dads have to rely on homeopathic methods to keep the kids less stuffy and achy.

Meet winter's worst enemy, the Nose Frida. While it seems a little unconventional to essentially suck the mucus from your children's noses, fear not. There's blockage to ensure there is no transfer of germs, and I assure you, at 2 a.m. when you are desperate for sleep and your little ones need nose relief, you'll be adding me to your will for suggesting this. It should be on every mom's registry list. While you're at it, buy two! While we're talking snot, another must-have for winter are Boogie Wipes. True to their name, the all-natural saline wipes help relieve congestion by dissolving snot to create open airways. They are gentle on the nose, which will be raw from blowing and sniffling.

Honest Company products are a parent's go to, because their products are made using only natural, baby safe materials. Their Organic Breathe Easy Rub is a great homeopathic remedy for congestion. Organic lavender and rosemary oils work to soothe and calm your little one, without damaging their delicate skin.

Hats Off To You

Keeping your baby's head warm is paramount. In fact, even in the summer, pediatricians recommend keeping your newborn's hat on for the first 6 weeks of their life. This makes winter tricky, as you'll be heading out to introduce your bundle to eager friends and family. For trips out, the JJCole Bundle Me Hat, Mittens and Bootie Set is the warmest and cuddliest option. The super soft set, made from faux shearling, are plush and adorable and perfect for taking your 0-6 month old out in the winter.

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For trendy toddler moms, AnchoreDeep's baby beanies are the stylish way to tackle cold ears. Made out of soft-knit fabric, your kiddos won't complain about an itchy, bothersome hat.

- Written by Blakely Giordano

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