Learning Tree International (OTCQX: LTRE), a leading provider of IT and management training to business and government organizations worldwide, announced today that it is offering IT Workforce Optimization Solutions, a comprehensive suite of services designed to help IT Management plan, develop and implement strategies to build and sustain high-performing IT organizations. The Learning Tree model allows for a new level of alignment between business needs, human capital and performance.

In an era of rapidly changing technology, companies are challenged to align their human resources with business needs to achieve organizational goals. While a technically-skilled workforce is vital to a high-performing IT department, Learning Tree believes that ongoing learning is just as critical, as this fosters an environment ripe for innovation, which attracts a new generation of professionals.

"Today, the most urgent issue facing CIOs and their staff is meeting their organizations' goals, and the foundation for success is having the right people with the right skills," said Learning Tree's Chief Executive Officer Richard Spires, a former CIO at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the Internal Revenue Service. "Advising government and industry on how to maximize their workforce performance has been at the core of Learning Tree's business for a long time. The goal of Workforce Optimization is to create alignment to ensure the right people with the right skills are in the right positions AND that they are supported with the right processes for success."

Closing the Gap on the Workforce Planning Crisis

A recent Bersin & Associates Research report shows that while 92 percent of organizations have some level of workforce planning, only 21 percent take a strategic, long-term approach to addressing the gap between the supply and demand for talent and skills.

Learning Tree's Workforce Optimization methodology enables organizations to develop an aligned workforce strategy by working hand in hand with clients to articulate business needs, assess their human capital and implement performance improvements. More importantly, Learning Tree's approach ensures that outcomes are sustained through continuous improvement. Workforce Optimization enables delivery of key benefits of an aligned workforce strategy such as:
  • Enhance executive leadership's line-of-sight of major initiatives, operational processes and organizational resources;
  • Implement a more consistent operational approach across IT service and program delivery organizations;
  • Develop and perform specific, repeatable processes on all major activities to mitigate known operational bottlenecks;
  • Enable rapid deployment of the right resources on the right projects; and
  • Raise employee satisfaction by establishing clear performance expectations and providing learning and development opportunities aligned to the employee's career development aspirations.

"It is an age-old misconception that a one-time training program can be a quick fix for what ails an IT department. Organizations want to see measurable results from their training and professional development investments," said Brian Green, Senior Vice President, Client Solutions. "Learning Tree's Workforce Optimization end-to-end model measures learning effectiveness and enables clients to develop a workforce strategy to drive sustained success."

Learn more about the company's new IT Workforce Optimization Solutions in this on-demand IT workforce webinar, featured on Federal News Radio . Learning Tree's Richard Spires and Brian Green joined industry leaders to discuss important workforce issues such as the shortage of cyber security professionals and ways to increase retention of your workforce.

About Learning Tree International

Established in 1974, Learning Tree International is a leading provider of IT training to business and government organizations worldwide. Over 2.4 million IT professionals have benefited from Learning Tree's broad proprietary library of 400+ unique courses covering: web development, cyber security, project management, Agile and best practice adoption, operating systems, database administration and programming, networking, cloud computing, software design and development, business intelligence, activity-based intelligence, leadership, management and business skills, and more. Learning Tree's live, intensive, hands-on, instructor-led courses are offered at Learning Tree Education Centers, on-site at client facilities, and live, online using AnyWare™ -- Learning Tree's superior, web-based attendance platform.

With more than 600 expert advisors globally, Learning Tree has served more than 60,000 organizations, including the world's largest national and multinational corporations; federal, state, and local government agencies; and education and non-profits.

For more information about Learning Tree's products and services, please visit LearningTree.com . Connect with the company on Facebook , LinkedIn , Twitter , Google+ or YouTube .

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