BOSTON, Nov. 12, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today,, LogMeIn, Inc.'s (NASDAQ:LOGM) popular online meeting and collaboration tool, announced a key update to its popular iOS app, offering day-one support for the new iPad Pro and Apple Pencil.  The update is the latest in a series of mobile-first focused innovation rolled out in 2015 enabling people to create, present and collaborate right from the iPhone and iPad.

The mobile whiteboard is a tool for real time brainstorming, sketching, strategy development and project management. The release of the larger iPad Pro means more surface space to collaborate and whiteboard. While's whiteboard has always included an infinite canvas, with the iPad Pro's bigger 12.9" screen, presenting documents live in meetings, as well as creating and working on whiteboards is better than ever.

This update to the app also incorporates support for the Apple Pencil. It takes advantage of new pixel precision, pressure sensitivity and angle/title recognition to deliver an even more natural drawing experience - from the thinnest line to the fullest strokes. This new stylus combined with the drawing and natural form factor make whiteboarding and annotating even easier with the iPad.

"The larger iPad screen and the new Apple Pencil make it easier then ever to meet and collaborate using From a bigger canvas for whiteboarding to more screen space to share and view documents the new device capabilities will really resonate with users," said Craig Daniel, Vice President, Products, "As Apple releases new products, we strive to offer day one support so that users have a seamless, uninterrupted and improved user experience that works to highlight the strengths of each new device."'s mobile whiteboard was released earlier this year on the iPad, and more recently for the iPhone, along with being optimized for iOS 9. The whiteboard goes beyond offering great drawing capabilities enabling users to brainstorm and collaborate using a library of icons, as well as lines and shapes on an infinite canvas. It's direct-to-whiteboard feature, also allows you to bring physical whiteboards and other photos and images into the online meeting experience. These features are now available on the iPhone, iPad and iPad Pro. The iOS 9 update also takes full advantage of key iOS 9 features, including multitasking for the iPad, allowing for more than one app to be open and used at the same time.'s new app for the iPad Pro is available for free, with additional, optional upgrades available through in-app purchases. All iPad Pro users can update the existing app or download the app for free on the App Store

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