Additionally, take a page out of a Hollywood blockbuster to find your ideal mentor.

"'Help me help you' is one of the most popular lines from the movie Jerry McGuire," says Anne-Marie Ditta, an executive career coach in New York City. "That's the best model to find and benefit from a mentoring relationship. Define what you need and want from the relationship and then identify who is an expert in that area. It would make sense for someone who is not a strong closer to find and ask for the help of the best closer in their organization."

Expectations need to be clearly defined, goals must be set and monitored, and a spirit of giving needs to be at the core in order for both parties to reap the benefit of the relationship, Ditta adds.

"Meeting with a mentor for as little as 30 minutes every week or every other week can help professionals learn how to close the gap between being average and great," she says. 

While nurturing mentor relationships is a great idea no matter what your gender, there's a ton of upside in doing so for women - who in many cases have higher to climb professionally and who can use all the solid guidance they can get from a mentor.

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