NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Answering Twitter (TWTR - Get Report) users' questions Monday, Jim Cramer led off with a question on many minds this week: Does the appointment of Jack Dorsey as CEO of Twitter change anything for the social media company? It does, answered Cramer, who is of the opinion that Dorsey can end the turmoil at the company, and described himself as "thrilled" about the announcement.

Dorsey is a "stabilization force" who cares about Twitter's shareholders, workers and tweeters, said Cramer, though he added that he'd hoped Dorsey would resign from Square to focus solely on Twitter.

Asked whether he's still a big fan of Verifone (PAY) , Cramer replied that it's still a good opportunity. Another viewer wanted to know if Whole Foods' (WFM) stock is a buy. Cramer said he doesn't think the company should be public, and it's worth more than people realize, but he does think Whole Foods is going to have a bad quarter.

One viewer asked whether he should continue to hold Celgene (CELG - Get Report) if it runs up ahead of earnings. Cramer said Celgene is an incredibly cheap stock and he likes it. In his view, Celgene could earn $17 a share a couple years out, and he doesn't think the company will have a problem with its patent challenges, so hold it. 

Asked about whether it's time to buy Diamond Offshore (DO - Get Report) , Cramer replied that if you think we've hit a bottom on energy prices, there are so many other stocks he'd recommend as buys instead, including Occidental Petroleum (OXY - Get Report) , Schlumberger (SLB - Get Report) and Halliburton (HAL - Get Report) . He also pointed out that TheStreet's in-house technical analyst Bruce Kamich is saying Halliburton is a buy.

Finally, one viewer wanted to know Cramer's opinion on Moody's (MCO - Get Report) . Cramer responded that it's an interesting, inexpensive stock, and he prefers it over a lot of other financials.

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At the time of publication, Jim Cramer's charitable trust Action Alerts PLUS was long OXY and  TWTR.