GoConvergence (GOCO), a creative agency and branded content division of Mood Media, announced that it has been awarded seven Travel Weekly 2015 Magellan Awards. The awards recognize GOCO's creative and strategic role on several promotional campaigns that included TV commercials and digital marketing content.

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Award-winning Atlantis campaign created by GoConvergence, a creative division of Mood Media. (Photo: ...

Award-winning Atlantis campaign created by GoConvergence, a creative division of Mood Media. (Photo: Business Wire)

For the award-winning campaigns, GOCO and its partners at Atlantis® Paradise Island, Bahamas and Nassau Paradise Island Promotion Board developed and executed engaging content, including cross-channel advertisements, and broadcast commercials.

The Magellan Awards acknowledge the work of professionals involved in the travel industry and receives entries from around the globe. According to Travel Weekly, the Magellan program honors a broad range of industry segments including hotels and resorts, travel destinations and tour operators.

"We are honored to be the recipient of Travel Weekly's prestigious awards for our work with our industry-leading clients to create truly impactful campaigns," said Gary Turchin, Senior Vice President, GoConvergence. "This recognition reinforces our commitment to delivering authentic ideas and programs that engage the consumer and generate results, and we are extraordinarily proud of the GOCO team."

The awards are judged and overseen by a panel of top travel professionals and the most accomplished leaders in the industry.

GOCO, which joined Mood Media in 2012, offers customers a range of services as a full-service advertising agency with in-house production capabilities for broadcast, interactive, print and environmental.

For more information on GOCO and its award-winning client work, please visit www.thegoco.com.

For more information on the Magellan Awards, visit www.travelweeklyawards.com.

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