BURLINGTON, Mass. and YOKOHAMA, Japan, Sept. 1, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Exa Corporation (Nasdaq:EXA), a global innovator of simulation software for product engineering, recently announced its customer, Mitsubishi Motors Corporation's (MMC), revealed PowerFLOW® helped them achieve a remarkable 25 percent downforce improvement for its record-breaking electric racecar, the MiEV Evolution III. MMC discussed how its aerodynamics engineers enhanced the shape of the electric racecar, to significantly improve the vehicle in only 30 simulation runs, during its presentation at the Exa Japan PowerFLOW Solution Forum in Tokyo this summer. A photo accompanying this release is available at http://www.globenewswire.com/newsroom/prs/?pkgid=35550. MMC entered two of their MiEV Evolution III racecars into the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb race in 2014. These MMC racecars won first and second place in electric modified class (a remarkable second and third overall). With PowerFLOW, MMC's aerodynamics engineers were able to evaluate multiple design parameters (with highly detailed simulations) to find the optimal shape for the MiEV Evolution III electric vehicles. The engineers used PowerFLOW to improve vehicle downforce and bolster the design parameters on the front and rear wings and canards, and their simulation results matched wind tunnel tests.
MMC Racecar
Using Exa PowerFLOW, Mitsubishi improved the MiEV Evolution III's front downforce by 25 percent

"We performed over 30 simulations to find the optimized geometry against the front wing, wheelhouse, height of the nose top – a total of seven design parameters," commented Masahiro Yoshida, Manager, Vehicle Function Testing Department, Development Engineering Office at MMC. "Using Exa's PowerFLOW software, we succeeded in our goal to improve the front downforce by 25 percent," he added.

In 2014, two MiEV Evolution III racecars were entered into the Pikes Peak race and won first and second place in their division. Additionally, MMC broke the electric vehicle world record by more than 30 seconds thanks to the vehicle performance improvements its engineers were able to achieve with PowerFLOW simulations. "MMC showed that PowerFLOW can help automakers significantly improve even an optimized racecar's aerodynamics, and we are pleased that MMC enjoyed amazing success with our simulations," Exa Japan President Kazuhito Ishikawa stated. "Our team looks forward to helping MMC with its future projects."

Based on the MiEV Evolution II of 2013 racecar model, the all-electric MiEV Evolution III included a lighter pipe-frame chassis, powerful electric motor, spacious battery and four-motor electric-powered 4WD. The racecar featured enhanced motor response, larger tires for greater cornering performance and a new carbon cowl to further improve downforce. Engineers also incorporated MMC's S-AWC integrated vehicle dynamics control system for heightened traction control and more confident road handling.

MMC has been using PowerFLOW for aerodynamics, aeroacoustics and noise simulations for vehicle development since 2005 and has entered vehicles in the Pikes Peak race for many years. As a globally recognized automaker, MMC prides itself on its cutting-edge research and development of practical electric cars that are energy-efficient, comfortable and provide performance comparable to gasoline-driven vehicles, offering consumers eco-friendly, next-generation vehicles.

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