Wearing the iTBra, which has embedded technology, for 12 hours provides what the company calls a highly accurate monthly self-breast exam. The bra contains intelligent breast patches that detect tiny circadian temperature changes within breast cells and using a smart phone enabled device, communicates such information to the Cyrcadia Health laboratory.

The bra involves use of big-data predictive analytic software, a series of algorithms and neural networks to identify and categorize abnormal temperature and other cellular signaling patterns and behavior in otherwise healthy breast tissue.

Google's work on nanoparticles is also difficult to not be excited about. The Wall Street Journal initially broke this news, reporting that Google is developing tiny magnetic particles that literally patrol the human body for signs of cancer and work in conjunction with a corresponding wrist-based wearable.

The challenge that comes with such revolutionary advancements in smart clothing that's used in conjunction with health treatment or diagnosis, however, is that the products are required to go through extensive and expensive testing and trials, says Rincon.

So in the meantime, the vast majority of the new health related smart clothing and wearable technology is being designed with a more general focus, aimed at the fitness market.

The Sensoria Fitness sock is one of the leading examples. Designed to function as a textile circuit board, the sock is infused with three sensors under the bottom of the foot to detect pressure. Conductive fibers relay the data collected by the sensors to an anklet. The socks are paired with a Smartphone app that includes a virtual coach who continuously monitors the user's running form and provides real-time feedback through audio and video cues during the run. Ultimately, the goal is to improve the wearer's speed, pace and cadence, and avoid injuries, among other things.

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