NEW YORK (MainStreet) — In the rapidly evolving world of smart clothing and wearable technology, it can sometimes be hard to keep up with the latest developments.

For instance, as cool and advanced as they are, the Fitbit and smart watches are practically beginning to feel outdated among the latest crop of emerging offerings.

The newest advances in the field (some so new they're not yet available for sale) include such things as Bluetooth bras that detect early signs of breast cancer, hairclips and jewelry designed to help you measure UV exposure and possibly avoid skin cancer and smart socks aimed at improving running performance and providing real time feedback, thus minimizing injuries.

It's an exciting time, according to industry insiders, with new advances and announcements becoming almost commonplace.

Companies of all sizes - start-ups, well-known brands and industry giants - are all part of the mix, working on intriguing projects to shape the future and impact how consumers interact with technology, as well as how we monitor various aspects of our health.

"I think it's the most exciting time for smart clothing that's being applied to the medical industry," says Luis Rincon, co-founder and CEO of, a site launched last year to cover this dynamic industry and sell some of the latest products.

Because he spends his days working at a media and commerce hub focused on the wearable technology and smart clothing industry, Rincon is among those with a cutting edge view of all the new and emerging products, news and developments. receives numerous press releases each day.

Rincon rattles off so many intriguing tidbits - nanoparticles designed to detect cancer when swallowed by the consumer, smart hospital gowns and patient-centric smart watches - it can sometimes be fascinatingly dizzying.

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