Affymetrix, Inc. (Nasdaq:AFFX) has announced three recipients of the 2015 United States Affymetrix Tumor Profiling Grant Program. The grant program, first launched in 2014, is designed to support translational cancer researchers in the discovery and validation of novel diagnostic, prognostic, and therapeutic biomarkers that may address an unmet clinical need. The qualifying grant projects must use a multi-omics, systems-based approach that analyzes data from multiple molecular and cellular levels to identify robust cancer biomarkers for future application in the clinic. The high level of interest from scientists reflects a growing appreciation of the value of multi-parametric profiling of tumor samples.

The 2015 recipients of the Affymetrix Tumor Profiling Grant Program are:

Dr. Tamara Lotan, MD, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Baltimore, MD Molecular profiling to distinguish aggressive from indolent prostate cancer

Dr. Gayle Woloschak, PhD, Northwestern University, Chicago, IL Determination of biomarkers associated with cervical cancer relapse following radiation or chemo-radiation therapy

Dr. Antonia Sepulveda, MD, PhD, Columbia University, New York City, NY Integrated analysis of genomic gene expression alterations for early detection in pancreatic cancer

The recipients are awarded with products from Affymetrix to investigate and combine analysis of at least two different analytes - DNA, RNA, or protein - across 30 tumor samples. The discovery and validation of biomarkers from these projects has the potential to inform better treatment strategies and prognosis prediction, improving overall patient outcome.

"During the second year of our grant program, we continue to see the growing level of interest in using a multi-omics based approach to more rapidly and confidently identify novel cancer biomarkers," says David Weber, Chief Commercial Officer at Affymetrix. "We are eager to partner with the grant recipients and support their project."

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