NASHUA, N.H., July 28, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- SMTP, Inc. (NASDAQ:SMTP), a global provider of cloud-based marketing technologies, today announced the availability of the SharpSpring Social Assistant, and SharpSpring Mobile, new features that add functionality to SharpSpring's advanced marketing automation platform. These new features allow users to access the power of SharpSpring marketing automation data from a mobile device and through their browser. Now, SharpSpring customers can work with their pipeline, leads, opportunities, contacts and campaigns from anywhere, and see informative contact profiles instantly as they surf LinkedIn, Twitter, Gmail and Facebook.

SharpSpring Social Assistant

With SharpSpring Social Assistant, SharpSpring users who use Google Chrome and Firefox can now view and edit full profile information for all of their leads and contacts they interact with through Gmail, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Instantly available contextual information provides sales professionals and marketers with the tools they need to interact with leads, monitor engagement, and convert them into sales in ways not before possible. With Social Assistant, SharpSpring users can:
  • Track opens and clicks of email sent directly through Gmail
  • View complete lead records while communicating with leads and contacts on the top social and email websites
  • Edit and add contacts and leads directly from Gmail, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Take notes, manage tasks, and record email and phone conversations on a contact from those pages
  • Create an opportunity directly from a lead from those pages

SharpSpring Mobile CRM

SharpSpring Mobile CRM allows users to view, edit, and add contacts, prospects and leads and manage their sales pipeline and opportunities via their favorite mobile device. Now, sales people and mobile marketers are never out of touch with their current deal flow and have the latest customer and prospect info at their fingertips. SharpSpring Mobile is available on the iTunes App Store or Google Play for SharpSpring customers. SharpSpring's mobile app allows users to:
  • Search and edit contacts
  • Place calls, send emails and take notes
  • View "life of the lead" events
  • See campaign, opportunity and list memberships
  • Check lead scores
  • View, create and edit opportunities
  • Browse pipelines

"With today's announcement, SharpSpring continues to bring comprehensive marketing automation capabilities previously reserved for large enterprises to small- and medium-sized businesses and the marketing agencies that serve them," said Rick Carlson, President, SharpSpring. "With mobile access and real-time profile information, we're helping sales teams and marketers to be more efficient, more nimble and more effective."

About SMTP, Inc.

SMTP, Inc. (NASDAQ:SMTP) is a global provider of cloud-based marketing solutions ranging from sophisticated marketing automation (via subsidiary SharpSpring) to comprehensive email and mobile marketing (via subsidiary GraphicMail) and scalable, cost-effective email deliverability services. The company's product family is hallmarked by its flexible architecture, ease-of-use and cost-effectiveness. SMTP augments its technology with high-quality, multilingual customer service and support. SMTP, Inc. is headquartered in Nashua NH, and can be found on the web at SharpSpring, based in Gainesville, FL, can be found on the web at GraphicMail, based in Geneva, Switzerland, can be found on the web at

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