NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Investors who don't have Google  (GOOG - Get Report), Facebook  (FB - Get Report), Netflix  (NFLX - Get Report), and Apple  (AAPL - Get Report) in their portfolios will have to wait, now that the popular stocks have all have had huge runs, TheStreet's Jim Cramer said.

"That's the penalty you have to pay" for missing them, Cramer said as he answered viewers' Twitter  (TWTR - Get Report) questions on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. "You had to buy them when nobody wanted them." 

Cramer recommended waiting for a pullback, but if there isn't one, then "you missed it," he said. "That's the way life is."

AT&T's  (T - Get Report) balance sheet is improving, Cramer said, but Verizon's  (VZ - Get Reportearnings will show "that T-Mobile  (TMUS - Get Report) is beginning to really impact pricing" in the industry.

Cramer said the gold exchange-traded fund (ETF) was an "interesting idea," but that he does not like the gold stocks, with the exception of Randgold  (GOLD - Get Report). "If you want to fool around with one of these ETF's, be my guest," he said. "I've never recommended them, and I don't even think they should have been invented." 

Asked about Abiomed  (ABMD - Get Report), Cramer said the stock has a lot of future potential, adding that he likes Edwards Lifesciences (EW - Get Report) and St Jude Medical  (STJ) in the same group.

Cramer said that while he doesn't care for either Fannie Mae  (FNMA) or Freddie Mac  (FMCC) common stock, "the preferred certainly has a much better court case than the common." The discrepancy between the common and preferred shares "is a battle of standing, and the common has the lowest standing," he said.

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