NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Donald Trump is apparently quite the stock picker -- according to Donald Trump.

The real estate magnate-turned GOP presidential candidate announced in a press release on Wednesday that he has filed the required personal financial disclosure forms with the Federal Election Commission. "This report was not designed for a man of Mr. Trump's massive wealth," the release says. The documentation is not yet available on the FEC website.

Trump's campaign says that he brought in $362 million in 2014. Moreover, it states that his net worth has jumped to more than $10 billion (when he initially announced his campaign in June, Trump claimed a net worth of $9.2 billion; of course, the damage he's done to his brand since announcing his bid and trashing Mexicans may not be fully baked in).

Apparently, Trump has done a nice job of stock picking as well. The release lists 45 stocks the billionaire sold in January 2014, 40 of which "went up in a relatively short period of time." Trump's alleged gain: $27 million.

The release also states that Trump has even more to make in the markets. It lists an unrealized gain of more than $22 million through investments with entities including Baron Funds, Oppenheimer, Angelo Gordon & Co. and Paulson & Co.

Unrealized gains aside, five stocks have already made Trump more than $1 million each. Here they are:

1. Bank of America - $6.74 Million

Bank of America (BAC - Get Report) appears to have been Trump's best stock bet. He claims to have made $6.74 million on the financial giant, of which he bought and sold 710,000 shares. Trump initially invested $4.98 million in the company (which comes out to about $7.00 per share) and sold when his holdings had reached $11.72 million (about $16.50 per share).

Bank of America reported second quarter earnings on Wednesday, beating analysts' expectations with earnings of 45 cents per share on revenue of $22.35 billion as opposed to analyst forecasts of earnings of 36 cents per share on revenue of $21.32. Perhaps Trump got out of the investment too early?

2. Boeing - $3.96 Million

Trump made $3.96 million on 65,000 shares of aerospace company Boeing (BA - Get Report). He turned a $4.97 million investment (around $76.40 per share) into $8.93 million ($137.40 per share).

It isn't just Boeing's stock Trump likes -- he is a fan of its jets as well. In 2011, he purchased Microsoft (MSFT - Get Report) co-founder Paul Allen's Boeing 757 for around $100 million and "Trumped" it up, installing new technologies, emblazoning his logo on it and, of course, covering much of it in gold. You can see a video tour of the aircraft on YouTube.

3. Facebook - $3.86 Million

A timely investment in Facebook (FB - Get Report) made Trump $3.86 million -- the GOP contender must have gotten a foot in the door on the social media giant when it was near its all-time low in 2012.

Trump invested $1.94 million in 100,000 shares of Facebook, meaning a per-share price of about $19.35. When he sold, the investment was valued at $5.79 million, or $57.90 per share. Had he held on past January 2014, his investment would have climbed even higher, as Facebook closed Wednesday at $89.76.

4. Best Buy Co. - $2.24 Million

Trump more than doubled his money on electronics retailer Best Buy  (BBY - Get Report). He invested $1.99 million in 110,000 shares (coming out to about $18.05 per share) of the company and watched his holdings climb to $4.23 million (around $38.42 per share).

Best Buy last reported earnings in May and topped analysts' expectations on both earnings and revenue. On Wednesday, Deutsche Bank (DB) reiterated its by rating on the stock and $42.00 price target.

5. Apple Inc. - $1.11 Million

Activist investor Carl Icahn may not want to be Trump's treasury secretary, but the two appear to both believe Apple (AAPL - Get Report) is a good investment. But while Icahn continues to wait for his stake in the tech company to climb higher, Trump appears to already be out.

Trump invested $5.95 million in 12,800 shares of Apple and, according to Wednesday's release, sold when his holdings reached $7.10 million. That puts his per-share buy price at about $465.00 and his sell price at $551.40 (the transactions took place before Apple's 7-to-1 stock split in mid-2014).

This article is commentary by an independent contributor. At the time of publication, the author held a position in Microsoft.