5 Financial Trades to Beat the Greek Selloff

BALTIMORE (Stockpickr) -- Yesterday was an ugly one for stock market investors. All told, the big S&P 500 index lost 2.08%, making Monday the worst single-day performance since last October. And we've all got Greece to thank for it.

The stalemate with Greece on its ability to make a key debt payment today, and the possibility that the country could get kicked out of the eurozone, has been spilling over to U.S. markets all month long -- but the financial sector has undoubtedly taken it the worst. Yesterday, for instance, financial sector stocks shed an average of 2.64%, making it a standout performer for all the wrong reasons.

Thing is, while the financial sector is getting gut-punched by the Greek headlines, some of the individual stocks in the sector are showing some big trading opportunities to take advantage of this week. Today, we're turning to the charts for a technical look at four financial trades to beat the Greek selloff -- and one to sell now.

In case you're unfamiliar with technical analysis, here's the executive summary: technical analysis is a way for investors to quantify qualitative factors, such as investor psychology, based on a stock's price action and trends. Once the domain of cloistered trading teams on Wall Street, technicals can help top traders make consistently profitable trades and can aid fundamental investors in better planning their stock execution.

Without further ado, let's take a look at five technical setups worth trading now.

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