Bank of New York Begins a Healthy Pullback

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Over the last four weeks, Bank of New York Mellon  (BK) has been consolidating inside a bullish pennant.

Volume has contracted dramatically this week as the price range has narrowed. As Thursday came to a close, Bank of New York's pattern took on a more bearish tone. Shares broke below the lower trend line of its bull pennant as well as its 50-day moving average. Although selling pressure remained light the price action was fairly damaging.

Despite the tight range in June, Bank of New York has attracted a noticeable uptick in volume. The stock has posted 11 sessions with above-average tradeso far this month, and June is likely to be the heaviest-volume month of the year.

All of this activity without any headway indicates that June could be a pivotal month. Eight of the 11 above-average volume sessions have closed to the downside. This is quite the opposite of the action in February, when Bank of New York was beginning a powerful bull run after January's deep selloff.
A healthy pullback for Bank of New York would include a fade back down to the $41.50-to-$41.80 area. This is the initial layer of support and includes the stock's 2014 peak as well as the March high.

For Bank of New York bulls, a bit of patience in the near term will likely mean lower entry levels. A deeper pullback is certainly possible, but at this point, it is too early to make that prediction.

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At the time of publication, Morrow was long BK.

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