10 Recent Food Recalls You Should Know About


NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- This week's news that bottled water maker Niagara Bottling had recalled 14 brands of its water after its source spring tested positive for E.coli bacteria, combined with a few other recent high-profile food scares, may make consumers wonder if America's food supply has suddenly become less safe.

But experts say consumers shouldn't be unduly worried, since many of the recent incidents have been voluntary recalls as opposed to mandated actions occurring after consumers got sick.  

"You have to separate recalls that are proactive and ones that are associated with illnesses and contamination, so I wouldn't say that food is less safe, or any less safer," said North Carolina State University assistant professor Benjamin Chapman.

Chapman said proactive recalls, like Niagara's, should reassure customers because that indicates companies are actively monitoring their products for contaminations.

Echoing Chapman's remarks, Michigan State professor and food safety specialist Felicia Wu said food scares are not as much of a growing of a trend as they might appear.

Wu said government agencies have gotten better at detecting potential risks, and that increased media coverage may be bringing more attention to food scares than in the past. Wu said consumers should always be mindful of recalls but they do not have to give up a product entirely as a result.

"As my colleagues say, 'There's never a time that your food is safer than after a recall,'" she said. "I would heed the warning from Niagara and not drink this particular water, but do I think we shouldn't drink bottled water? No."

Some fears are justified, however. FoodNet, which is part of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, reported more than 19,500 food-related infections and more than 70 deaths in 2014.

Here's a list of 10 recent recalls that have caused consumer concern:

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