NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Snapchat co-founder and CEO Evan Spiegel landed in France to speak at an advertising and marketing event Cannes Lions, where in a keynote interview he shed light on the company's advertising business, strategies and its platform.

Spiegel, who noted the typically "serious" nature of tech companies, described Snapchat as a "fun" and "playful" company -- and one that cares about "not being creepy" when it comes to targeted ads, which he said he finds annoying as a user.

He insisted his company does not accumulate large amounts of personal data on its users. As Cannes Lions, Snapchat also unveiled its 3V Advertising product, which stands for Vertical, Video and Views. "3V Advertising is special because it's built from the ground-up for mobile, just like everything else on Snapchat," he said during a video presentation. "And that means that when you watch a video on Snapchat, it's cut vertically to fill the whole screen. Pre-roll is really annoying, because it gets in the way of the content you want to watch."

"3V Advertising always appears in the context of premium or curated content," he continued. "Premium content is provided by one of our editorial partners and curated content refers to our live stories, which are collections of videos and photos from Snapchatters at different events around the world. In the early days of Internet advertising, marketers relied on things like targeting to help differentiate ad products that weren't very engaging. But today, with beautiful full-screen video on mobile, we can build ad products that respect our community and their privacy. That's something that's really important to us." 

Spiegel said Snapchat now has almost 100 million daily active users, and sending more than 2 billion videos a day.