Taylor Swift: Singer, Apple Vanquisher and (Surprise!) Real Estate Mogul

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Taylor Swift used the power of celebrity to successfully force Apple (AAPL) to pay musicians for the use of their songs during the three-month trial of their new subscription music service. But the multi-platinum singer-songwriter is also savvy when it comes to non-music business ventures.

Swift, 25, has long plowed her earnings into real estate, thanks in part to her father, a certified investment adviser and broker-dealer representative who has worked for Merrill Lynch  (BAC) for almost 35 years. 

In the latest records filed with financial industry regulatory authorities, Scott K. Swift disclosed that his daughter owns a real estate company, a bus business and two private jets. Her real estate holdings, including a seaside mansion in Stonington, R.I., total roughly $86 million.

But that barely scratches the surface of Ms. Swift's net worth, which Forbes peged at $200 million in May. While the singer-songwriter brought Apple to its knees by threatening to yank her latest album from its new subscription music service, she has been consistently reinvesting money outside of the recording industry.

FINRA filings offer a window into the cottage industry surrounding the young pop star. They show that her father continues to have a hand in a variety of businesses related to his daughter.

Mr. Swift is an unpaid consultant at Nashville Strategic Realty, or as he calls it in the filing, "my daughter's real estate business." The real estate company has been on the books since 2012, when it purchased a building in midtown Nashville from Universal Music Publishing Group for $1.9 million.

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