10 Reasons Hiring an Older Worker May be the Best Decision You Ever Make

NEW YORK (MainStreet) — Recent college grads have got a lot going for them — they're ambitious, driven and eager to please — but the same holds true for workers who are much older and wiser. If you're searching for a new employee to join your team, here's a look at 10 reasons why gray hairs are an asset, not a liability. 

1. Older workers are resilient.

Many older workers have lived through and persevered through mergers, major management changes, layoffs and more, explains Mark Anthony Dyson, founder and CEO of employment consultancy Competitive Resumes.

"To 'know when to hold 'em' is an incredibly valuable skill. Older workers also know when and what to say in stressful situations that can help younger employees," Dyson says.

Boomers have seen it all, says Stephanie Menchaca, manager of HR services for human resources and business solutions provider Insperity.

"Boomers have learned professional coping skills and perseverance that allow them not to get discouraged easily," she says.

2. They're lower-maintenance.

Older workers are lower-maintenance on average — they aren't always looking for constant affirmation, says Jay Meschke, president of human resources solutions firm CBIZ Human Capital Services.

"They aren't expecting to walk in and have their boss say, 'Hey! Way to show up for work today!' They don't need that feedback and they don't need constant direction. They'll just get a task, complete the task and be OK with that."

In other words, if you want to avoid hiring someone who will constantly ask "Am I doing this right?" or "Is this what you wanted?" an older worker is your best bet.

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