5 Things Boomer Employees With Millennial Managers Should Never Do

NEW YORK (MainStreet) — Older employees managed by Millennials may frequently feel misunderstood, but there are definite advantages once you learn their management style. If you're a Boomer with a Gen-Y boss, here are five things you should never do.

1. Don't expect lengthy face-to-face meetings.

Millennial managers are good at keeping it brief, and are more likely to check in with their employees via text or email than via lengthy in-person meetings, says Paul McDonald, senior executive director at staffing firm Robert Half.

"They know Boomers are used to getting very direct communication. They know they don't have to candy-coat it, that they can be direct and honest," McDonald says. "So they may quickly check in and say, 'Hey, I just wanted to make sure we were on the same page,' and that will be it."

With that said, most Millennial managers have been warned about communicating exclusively via email with older employees and make it a point to set aside time for in-person check-ins, says Jay Meschke, president of human resources solutions firm CBIZ Human Capital Services.

"Even though the Boomer might give off the feeling that they don't need to be checked-in on regularly, a good manager is always going to set aside some time every month to meet," Meschke says.

2. Don't assume all emails and texts are urgent.

Just because your Millennial boss is emailing you after hours doesn't mean they need a response right away, Meschke says.

"If an email goes out at 11 p.m., do they really expect a response at 11:05? Maybe in investment banking, sure, but they may be perfectly content with you responding the next day," he says.

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