NEW YORK ( TheStreet) --  Tesla's ( TSLA) Elon Musk, Google's  ( GOOG) Larry Page and Facebook's ( FB) Mark Zuckerberg are three examples of "adaptive innovators," according to John Sculley, author of Moonshot!.  Sculley's book looks at how technology is helping to drive innovation and create new business opportunities.  He describes adaptive innovators as incredibly talented entrepreneurs who change entire industries.

Sculley said there are several examples of moonshots -- or products that have changed the world -- including the introduction of the Apple ( AAPL) 2 computer, the world wide Web, the launch of Google and the creation of the IPhone. Sculley said while Musk, Page and Zuckerberg are the names that people are familiar with, adoptive innovators are the agents for change in both public and private companies. He added, they are people with the passion to make a difference.

Sculley said Facebook's Zuckerberg is an example of a 360 degree manager, or someone who is good at more than one or two things. Sculley noted Zuckerberg was there at the right time and place, but he also had the ability to have a big vision or noble cause. He added that Zuckerberg created an "amazing" platform of change for the Internet exactly at the time the Internet was exploding in growth.

Sculley pointed out that Facebook almost missed it with mobile, and one of the most remarkable adaptive innovator stories in a public company is what's happened at Facebook over the past three years. Sculley said people thought that Facebook was "nuts" for paying $19-billion for WhatsApp, but "that was part of a brilliant strategy to pivot to mobile." Sculley's book also talks about the importance of team leadership at technology companies. He described the teamwork between Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg, the chief operating officer at Facebook, as "simply amazing."

The intraday market cap for Facebook is $273.62 billion, Tesla's is $31.90 billion and Google's is $360.86 billion, according to Yahoo! Finance.

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