TAIPEI, Taiwan (TheStreet) -- Even with this week's huge selloff in China's stock market, shares of the same Chinese companies are even cheaper in Hong Kong.

But the price difference may not last much longer. 

The price disparity is due to the two classes of Chinese stock. Until recently, "A" shares, which trade only in China, have been soaring, in part because Chinese investors have few other options. The Hong Kong-listed "H" shares, meanwhile, trade for far less because they're available to investors worldwide, who have many more choices.

Investors keen on cheap H shares can follow proven Hong Kong-tracking, exchange-traded funds such as iShares China Large-Cap ETF  (FXI - Get Report) and SPDR S&P China ETF  (GXC - Get Report).

Nasdaq-traded, U.K.-based Aberdeen Asset Management (ABDNY and the world's largest asset manager, BlackRock  (BLK - Get Report), offer funds that pick H shares, perhaps targeting those still low in value. BlackRock went on record earlier this month recommending H shares but declined comment for this report.

"There definitely are some great-value H stocks at the moment, such as firms trading at reasonable price-to-earnings ratios, and yet still have a discount compared to mainland (China) bourses," Suslov said. "However, one has to do some research to discover such stocks."

This article is commentary by an independent contributor. At the time of publication, the author held no position in the stocks mentioned.