Jim Cramer -- At Twitter, Expect Major Changes, a Shift in Strategy

NEW YORK (Real Money) -- Dick Costolo, outgoing CEO of Twitter (TWTR), was one quarter of the way from being inducted into the Mad Money Wall of Shame. You know what the criteria are for that hallowed anointment?

You have to be able to create value by departing. That's the definition of what Costolo is doing by departing and departing quickly while staying on the board.

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Now, there was a lot of chatter Thursday night about how incoming CEO Jack Dorsey made it very clear that nothing would change and there would be no major shift in strategy.

What's amazing is that I heard credible people actually believe this nonsense. You are going to see a wholesale shift at this company, but it is not going to be overnight.

The shift will be the following:

  1. The company will start listening to what Twitter followers want and give it to them in a way that is smart and inventive.
  2. The company will call together all the big advertisers and say, "What do you want, we will give it to you."
  3. The company will make partnerships that couldn't be made under the generally acknowledged disorganized regime of Costolo.

Most importantly, I think the company will take every single suggestion from investor Chris Sacca and put them into place. I thought Sacca's blueprint was brilliant and doable. I think Costolo simply couldn't possibly execute it.

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